Automakers have been packing more and more high-tech, advanced features into their vehicles for a while now, but it seems as though they forgot about one important area for all cars, trucks, and SUVs: the dashboard. Volkswagen as devoted a lot of research and design efforts into making a better display. VW’s Digital Cockpit has arrived and is now available in a range of 2018 VW models.

Here’s what the Digital Cockpit can do for you:

No More Gauges

Everything is digital now, so you can forget about the inaccurate, hard to read gauges. VW’s Digital Cockpit can be customized to display a range of information to the driver, so you’ll never be left guessing. Everything from speed to oil quality can be accessed with ease, and all the information is incredibly accurate, especially compared to those old analog gauges.

Personalize Your Ride

Digital Cockpit recognizes each driver and sets the radio and other preferences to their liking. It even greets you by name; all you have to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Driver Alerts

Digital Cockpit allows your VW to monitor for pedestrians and other vehicles. In the event of a potential collision, Digital Cockpit will notify the driver.

Stay Connected

Digital Cockpit allows you to stay connected to the people you love by allowing you to make hands-free phone calls, read texts, and give you directions to your next destination visually and audibly.

Which Models?

VW offers the Digital Cockpit in a range 2018 models including both cars and SUVs. Currently Digital Cockpit is offered as an option in the 2018  Atlas, Tiguan, and Golf R. Look for the Digital Cockpit to be offered in more VWs going forward.

Ready to experience VW’s Digital Cockpit? Book a test drive in a 2018 VW and discover how Digital Cockpit can benefit you.