Everyone deserves a second chance.

Credit Challenges are Opportunities

At Crosby Volkswagen we have been assisting our clients with credit challenges gain access to quality vehicles for over 50 years. When it comes to overcoming credit challenges we believe in a tailored bespoke experience. It is safe to say that in one way or another everyone has experienced credit issues. At Crosby Volkswagen we provide support not judgement and we recognize the complicated emotional realities attached to credit experiences and how unpredictable life events can affect credit.

Credit repair through auto financing

If you have a sub-prime credit score (anything below 650), you have received a consumer proposal, or you are getting back on your feet after bankruptcy, you may find that it is challenging to get a loan. If you can procure a loan, it is almost certain to come with a higher interest and may require collateral such as a substantial down payment. If you are facing these challenges, then you may feel pushed out of the market for a vehicle.

Rebuilding your credit score can take time, and if your strategy has been to make reliable payments on small purchases, you will find the journey back to financial health can be long and tedious.

While it sounds contradictory, when you take out a more substantial loan, that you know you can afford to make reliable payments towards, you are likely to see your credit situation recuperate much more quickly. We would love to meet with you to talk about your individual situation and see if this is the right scenario for credit rebuilding for you.

Our approach to Getting you behind the wheel

At Crosby Volkswagen we will commit to disclosing all options available to you and ensuring that you are fully informed regarding the realities of car ownership.  

  • We will discuss the relationship between your vehicles warranty and credit 
  • We will review various lenders and recommend those best suited to assist with your credit situation. 
  • We will work with a variety of lenders and institutions to ensure you get the best rate and term for your loan we can secure.  
  • We will recommend protection products that insure you against surprise events such as theft, loss of employment or even mechanical breakdowns.  
  • We will never recommend unnecessary vehicle treatments or suggest products that do not have potential value to you.  

Finally, we work with you to secure a loan for the vehicle you choose. We do not work from the loan to determine which vehicle you can have access to. Our job is to help you get the vehicle you want, at a payment you are comfortable with via a loan that is financially suitable to your life.  

Take control of your Credit, apply today