How to Setup Your Apple Device Through USB Connection

With Apple CarPlay, it’s easier than ever to stay connected while on the go. Let’s break down the simple steps to set up Apple CarPlay through a USB connection in your Volkswagen.

Compatibility Check

Ensure your Apple device is compatible with CarPlay and running the latest version of iOS. CarPlay works best with the most recent iOS updates, so be sure to upgrade before setting up.

Connection Process

Connect your iPhone to your Volkswagen’s infotainment system using an approved USB cable. Your iPhone must be unlocked for the connection process to initiate.



Once connected, the vehicle’s display will prompt you to confirm the connection via Apple CarPlay and acknowledge data transfer. Select “Connect” to proceed.


Interface Switch

Upon confirmation, the display will switch automatically to the CarPlay interface. Bluetooth connection will be disabled, and your iPhone may prompt you to allow CarPlay to connect even when the phone is locked. Select “Allow” to enable.


Navigation and Messaging

While in CarPlay mode, navigation defaults to Apple Maps. Use Siri voice control to enter destinations with natural language commands. Messaging operates similarly; activate Siri and dictate your message, following the prompts to complete.


App Compatibility

Apps compatible with CarPlay will appear on the CarPlay home screen, allowing easy access to your favorite apps while driving.


Switching Interfaces

To return to the Volkswagen menu from the CarPlay interface, press the CarPlay home button. Touch the Volkswagen icon to switch back. You can also disconnect from CarPlay to use Bluetooth functions while still charging your device via cable.



To reconnect to CarPlay, press the app hard key on the upper right-hand side and select Apple CarPlay. Confirm the data transfer agreement, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you’re navigating to your destination or staying connected with friends, CarPlay enhances your driving experience like never before! If you have questions or would like assistance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to ensure your journey with Apple CarPlay is smooth and enjoyable.