How to Use Travel Assist

Let’s dive into the Travel Assist feature, an innovative combination of adaptive cruise control and lane assist designed to provide added driver assistance and safety.

Travel Assist seamlessly integrates adaptive cruise control with lane assist, offering enhanced driver assistance and safety features. In addition, Emergency Assist is designed to recognize driver inactivity and assist in controlling the vehicle in emergencies.

Travel assist

Activating Travel Assist

To activate Travel Assist, follow these simple steps:

1. Ensure adaptive cruise control is selected with a set speed above 20 kilometers per hour.

2. Press the Travel Assist button. A green indicator light will illuminate in the instrument cluster display, indicating that the system is ready to assist.

Travel assist   green sign

Once activated, Travel Assist independently controls the accelerator, brake, and steering to help maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and keep your vehicle within its lane. If the lane markings are green in the display, the system recognizes both lanes and is prepared to assist.


Deactivating and Reactivating

If the driver applies the brakes, Travel Assist is deactivated. To reactivate, accelerate to the desired speed and press the Travel Assist button again. If no contact with the steering wheel is detected, a message will prompt the driver to regain steering control. Emergency Assist will engage if no driver activity is detected, helping to maintain the vehicle’s lane and, if necessary, bringing the vehicle to a stop.

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